I’m at that point in my life where I’ve started working full time in Ramadan.

Now where I thought studying and revising in Ramadan was hard, I realized working is even harder. Especially when 80% of my job is talking to people on the phone and its part of my weekly targets.

But what can you do to ensure that you can make the most of Ramadan while continuing to work effectively:

  1. At suhoor, eat foods that release energy and are nutritious. To last a full day at work you will need to have the energy so have foods that help you with that. My personal favorites are bananas.
  2. Speak to your manager. Tell them you’ll be fasting and see if there are some changes you can make to your work hours as that could help you get more sleep thus give you more energy. Not all companies will offer it but there’s no harm in trying.
  3. Use your lunch. It’s easy to think I’ll eat my lunch go because I’m not going to be eating. But if your job involves sitting at a desk then definitely take a little break and go for a walk. Get some fresh air otherwise, you’ll feel tired and drained all day. Trust me I have been there.
  4. Find your energy time. I have a lot of energy in the morning and towards the evening and this helps me understand what tasks I’ll be doing when. When I have the most energy I can do phone calls and when I start feeling drained I’ll go back to the admin side of my job. Helping me manage my energy and tasks well.
  5. Take a break if you need to. Recently I went to an after work marketing event while fasting. While I was there, suddenly I started feeling drained and like I couldn’t carry on. So I told my manager I had to leave. I had tried my hardest to carry on but there is no point pushing your body over its limit especially for extra things.

I’m sure we all have our own ways of making Ramadan work for us. Just remember why you’re doing it and why it’s so important for you. This will help you carry on and lift up on the lowest and hardest days.

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