As we continue working from home, the work from home fashion has become a key topic of conversation. I have some new pieces and some old ones, as well as some rules I abide by when it comes to working from home outfits.

Here are some of my outfits and tips:

  • Outfit 1:  This is one of my favourites and one I wear most days. You guessed it right: Pyjamas.Nabeeda in Pjs Pyjamas are the most comfortable outfit choice, especially when working from consistently as they give you space to just be free and also just be comfortable. On most days, I wake up and change into another set of pyjamas especially if I know there are no client video meetings. As there is no one to judge my choices other than me.
  • Outfit 2: This is more of a corporate affair. Best suited for days when I know I have video calls with my customers which means I need to look the part. As I deliver customer training and review calls, many times I will end up being on video calls so it’s important I look professional as 9/10 my customers do as well.IMG_7540 The outfit is from New Look.  I love the fact that it has a belt on the back to make it perfectly fitted but once you are done, you can untie the belt and let it e more relaxed and let that snack belly be comfortable. Also with a flared bottom, your legs can be comfortable. The perfect balance between work from home and corporate.
  • Outfit 3: The third outfit is basically a chill and relaxing outfit but with a corporate top part so when I go on those video calls, I can be professional but still be comfortable. Nabeeda in a formal maxi dressThis is great because sometimes a phone call can turn into a video call impromptu and no one wants to look a mess when that happens. It has happened to me and that is not a great look (believe me). However, with dresses like this make sure to wear the right things underneath as it is see-through. It might be embarrassing to show up on a call in Pjs but even worse in see-through clothes haha 😀
  • Tip: Avoid wearing jeans. As I find jeans to be quite uncomfortable to just wear around the house even if I am trying to look smart casual. So I try to swap out jeans for Skirts, maxi dresses, nice trousers, etc. As they are a more comfortable alternative. Nabeeda in a skkirt and topFind what works for you. Get the perfect balance between comfort and professionalism.

Let me know what you thought of my outfits and also what’s in your work from home wardrobe.

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