Why travel?

As young people in the 21st century, travelling is exciting and everywhere we look we see our peers travelling and doing exciting stuff. Instagram is filled with beautiful images and hashtags of wanderlust, travelling year and wanderer. But you also see videos of successful people saying that travelling is a waste of money and that as millennials we should concentrate on other things and save money for better investments but according to me travelling is a good investment. Why? I hear you ask, well here is the answer:

  1. It exposes you to new ideas and cultures: since I have started travelling I have seen different cities and countries. I have also been exposed to new ideas and new ways of living which have helped me improve myself for e.g Spanish people are relaxed and that shows in their daily life as they look happier. The secret to happiness according to the Spanish is being laid back and not getting stressed. Something I could work on.

    around the globe peoplle
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  2. You learn new languages and you really try hard to master them: I remember learning French in school and just learning it because I needed to and now I only remember the basic things even though I learnt the language for 4 years. But when you go to new countries you learn a new language so you can make friends and meet people and you really try hard to master the language because you want to fit in and be able to communicate without a problem. Saying that I am still struggling with Spanish so I need work on that.
  3. You make friends of a lifetime: in my travels, I have met many people and so many of them have inspired me and encouraged me to do amazing things. They have become great friends and now I know that if I ever need a friend near or far I know I can reach out to them and they’ll be there.

    Multiracial Group of People Jumping at Beach, Backlight
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  4. You learn things about yourself: it is important to know yourself and understand your strengths and weaknesses and that’s what travelling does for you. I have been travelling around for the past few months and I have learnt a lot about myself but most importantly I have learnt to love my own company and do my own thing and that is an important lesson in itself.

me smiling in Barcelona

These are only a few things that travelling can help you do. But they really show that travelling is an amazing investment with some seriously profitable returns. You just need to trust yourself and take the leap of faith and see what happens.
Because a good friend of mine always talks about; nothing great ever happening in your comfort zone.


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