Love. Something I am so fascinated by and an idea that I spend a lot of time thinking about, reading about and watching films on.

Since I was a little girl, I grew up watching romantic films. For all my Bollywood lovers out there, I am still looking for my Raj (DDLJ style) and my Hollywood lovers, can I please have a Noah (Notebook Style)? The thing is I have always loved the idea of love. It just looks so beautiful and that’s why when I heard about What the Love on Netflix with Karan Johar. I was sold. I didn’t have to think twice and trust me normally I take hours to choose a show on Netflix.

Looking out and reflecting
Looking out to find my Prince Charming somewhere amongst the trees and houses.

The show focuses on helping people who are struggling to find love because of different issues and that could be the fact that they think they don’t have time. Or maybe they have had bad relationships in the past. Self-esteem, amongst other things.

As Karan Johar takes them through prep dates, mental check-ins, mind sessions, makeovers, and two blind dates you see these people change and transform. You see them go through a journey.  People who had originally believed for some reason or another that love wasn’t on the cards, make it happen.

As I started watching the show, I was just thinking, oh no, this is a typical Karan Johar style thing where he shows us this ideal love and relationship, etc. Like he is taking people through these makeovers, is this even realistic? I was a bit of a cynic.


When I reached episode 6 and I watched Ms. Heartbroken’s story, I was so touched. I even cried a little (let’s keep that part a secret). Maybe because of a little part of me related to her. Or maybe I had let people make me believe in certain ideas of myself. But as I watched her transformation. I realised that WHAT the love wasn’t about finding someone to love at all. It was actually about finding the love within. It was actually about loving yourself. 

Because as Mama Ru says:

If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

As I watched Ms. Heartroken fall in love with herself. I started looking at myself in the mirror and apologising to myself for questioning my own worth. For even for a moment thinking that I was not capable or beautiful.

So this Valentine’s day —- Whether you are single or in a relationship remind yourself to love yourself. Appreciate yourself today!

You deserve the world you give to others. You deserve to be celebrated. YOU deserve YOUR love before anyone else.


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