What is life?

What is life? It is such a deep question and I feel this question pops up u the darkness of the night when you are alone, or when you are reminiscing old memories or just at the end of a great day with friends.

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But the answer is so simple and can be seen all around us:

  1. On a recent trip I saw a little girl put money in a wishing well. Then, she ran to her dad and said ‘Papa, Papa! guess what I asked for? I wished to be a princess. In that moment I saw life from her perspective and realised that life is about simplicity and that life is really all about finding happiness in the small things.
  2. An old woman was listening to music and I saw her singing along and dancing to it as she enjoyed the bus ride. She made me realise that the spirit of life is being happy in all situations.

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  3. The doorbell rang and one of my students ran to the door to see if it was her mum and it wasn’t. The doorbell rang again and it wasn’t her mum this time either. This happened about 4 times and every time she ran to the door smiling and walked away with a smile even if it wasn’t her mum. The 5th time it was that little girl’s mum at the door. She happily ran into her mum’s arm and laughed away. She made me realise that life is about having hope and faith and not giving up the first time round.
  4. On one of my travels, I was in a touristic spot with a tour guide and everyone had a camera, clicking away happily and trying to get selfies in that famous spot. But there was one man who was just admiring what he saw and taking it all in. He made me realise that life is about being in the moment and actually enjoying everything you see and hear rather than just capturing it all.me smelling a rose
  5. My mum sponsors a child and she receives letter from that little girl every few months. The letters really show how happy the girl is and the smile on my mum’s face whens she receives those letters just warms my heart. From that I learnt, life is also about giving because the more you give, the more you get back in the form of true happiness.

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Let me know if you have any other answers to this question.


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