I am a big believer in destiny and that everything happens for a reason. I believe that all the decisions we make have an impact on our life. The big ones and the small ones; for e.g. Eating at a particular restaurant or going out at a certain time. With every decision, we are moving closer to big things that are meant for us.

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But as human, it is normal to think about the What ifs? What if I had moved to this city rather than the one I am in? What if I took the other job? But what we don’t realise is, is that what we have is what we are meant to have.
I remember when deciding which University to go to, I was stuck between University of Birmingham (UoB) and Aston University. UoB felt like a better choice as I knew people going there and would be able to make friends easily but something felt right about Aston. I remember I moved into Aston and regretted it because I am not the typical party girl and was having trouble making friends in Freshers week. I started thinking about the ‘What if?’ of going to UoB. What if I had gone to UoB and I thought it would have been better as I knew people and so on. I then rang my sister and told her how I hadn’t really made friends and she told me that on that exact date 28th September she had met her Best friend at University who is still her really good friend. She said I would find my group of friends too. After the call, I went to my accommodation and someone new was moving in. I had short chat with the girl moving in and went in my room as she was busy with her unpacking. But 3 years later, that girl is one of my best friends and she has made my time at University pretty damn AWESOME! So, if I had gone to UoB I definitely wouldn’t have met her.
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It all worked out for the best. During my time at Aston, I have developed as a person and had some experiences that have helped me learn and grow. I have achieved so much and pushed my limits and boundaries.
Sometimes, we don’t like our decisions and think we would have been better off if we had made another choice. But, what we don’t remember is that everything happens for a reason. That some of the What ifs we are thinking about could actually have been bad for us. With every choice, every decision, you make, you come closer to the things that are written especially for YOU!
My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me, and that what misses me was never meant for me.


  1. This is so lovely, thank you! I’m glad you came to Aston in the end 🙂

  2. Awesome yaar!!
    Believing in your decision is the Best thing to do. Disaster is when you start thinking about your decision once it’s been made. So stay confident and you’ll achieve great things in life. Consider that my wish my hope or my belief in you!

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