As we now have so much time on our hand, social media has decided to create pressure on us that we should be using this time to learn new skills, start side hustles, nourish old things. There is a constant focus on how we will never get time like this again and that people who are not doing any useful then they are undisciplined and unproductive.

My response to those people

But the reality is that we are living through a time we have never experienced before. A time that is causing a lot of stress and anxiety. The last thing we should be doing is telling them what they should be doing how they should be reacting to this situation.

If people want to learn something new – great.

If someone wants to binge on Netflix – great.

Someone wants to sleep and just relax – great.

If someone is exercising every day – great.

People should be able to do whatever they want without having to feel shamed by society and social media for doing what they need to do to protect their mental health. Yeah, we will never have time like this again but this time in itself is a cause of a lot of stress for many.

So do what your heart feels like doing. Whatever makes you feel at peace and helps the days pass. Don’t worry about society, don’t worry about productivity and don’t worry about weight gain. Worry about yourself and your mental health, the rest will fall into place.


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