Weekends, weekends, weekends.

Since I have started work, I feel weekends are so special for me . I cherish them more than anything. Its the two days I have to catch up on sleep and everything else in my life. All the billion things I need to do because I am such a busy bee haha 😀

But I believe it is very important to make your weekends fun and exciting when you work. They are your break away from what sometimes feels like a routinised life.

Me holding an eagle
How I feel about routine.

It could be a tiny little thing but something to get you excited and ready to get going.

  • Meet a friend for a coffee
  • Go shopping
  • Start a new book or series
  • Eat amazing food
  • Go to the gym or do some form of physical activity
  • Get out and about

One thing I have learnt while working is that I become too comfortable just sitting at my desk and doing my work and not moving AT ALL.

So I like to take the weekend as an opportunity to go out and explore because honestly, being indoors 24/7 is no fun for anyone!

So this weekend, try something new and have some fun! Don’t let work rule your life 😉

Let me know what you tried so I can add that to my weekend.

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