Verona adventures

Verona, Verona, Verona…

A place that will always be in my heart and one place I will definitely be going to again. Even though it just rained most of the time I was there, it was just something about the place that really touched me.

I mean it started off well as I got to the Hostel – The Hostello and the woman looked at my passport and as soon as she saw I was Pakistani, asked me to put a pin on her map of where people are from. It made me feel so happy and special, I already knew the trip was going to be great – I wasn’t wrong!

In a train Verona

The main reason I wanted to go to Verona was Juliet’s house. For someone who loves the idea of love, it was the perfect place and like a dream come true. Shakespeare and Letters to Juliet had inspired me and this place had been on my list. Being there, even though it was crowded with tourist felt like the perfect experience. The best part: I got to send a letter to Juliet (I know it’s just a fantasy thing and maybe no one will read it but just the thought was enough for me). I was like a kid in a candy store when posting my letter.

Letter to juliet

The rain, the long walk, the crowd, everything was worth it as I stood in Juliet’s balcony and called for my Romeo HAHA 😀 It was such a beautiful moment and it was then I realised why I enjoy travelling, it gives me so much excitement and happiness and I get to go to places that I have seen in films or dreamt of for years and there I was standing. The feeling just washed over me as I just glowed with happiness.

Juliet's balcony
Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou?

But Juliet’s house wasn’t the only magical part of Verona. The people and the streets had so much life in them that even in the rain I couldn’t help but keep exploring, even though I was completely soaked and had to go back to get changed just to get soaked all over again. But it was worth it – the castle, the many churches and the beautiful views from the different parts of the city.

Castle in Verona

Verona is one of those places that you just leave your hotel in the morning and walk around and you will discover one beauty after another. That’s what happened to me, as I walked around with my tripod and I was taken aback by the beauty my eyes could see but my camera couldn’t capture.

As the night came I knew I hadn’t had enough of the city so I went for a walk with my hostel roommates, in my very tired state and honestly, one of my best decisions on this trip. The city looked even more beautiful at night and with no people around, it was just so peaceful to take it all in. The stories the city holds and the narrow streets you can get lost in or the many gelato shops were just so much more amazing at night.

Verona by night

I know it seems like that I say this about every place but Verona does have a piece of my heart and I mean literally as I put a little lock on Juliet’s wall. I can’t wait to go back just to see that and the rest of the city once again…

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