Venetian journey…

The final part of my Italian adventure was Venice and it really was a cherry on top. The weather was perfect, my outfit was on point and overall it was just the perfect end to an amazing trip.

The original plan didn’t include Venice but as soon as I stepped off the train, on to the platform I knew it was the best decision. As I left the station, I was taken aback by the number of tourists around me. But it added to the atmosphere and how beautiful the place truly was.

On some venetian steps

As I started walking to the main area, one thing was very clear I was going to get lost. As all the streets looked the same with canals all around me, I knew it would take me a while before I got to my destination. But I was at peace, as I just wanted the journey to be fun.

As I took multiple stops to take photos with the help of my tripod, some people stopped to stare, others offered to help and some people just wanted to understand what I was doing. This was my way of putting myself out of my comfort zone as I tried getting used to the extra attention.

Near a canal inVenice

I walked around exploring every street and stopping at every stall. There were so many artists and so many beautiful pictures and I wanted to buy them all.

One of my favourite things about Italy is the gelato and in Venice, I had about 4 gelatos and each flavour was better than the one before. I don’t know if it was the weather, the atmosphere, or the excessive gelato in my system I was just falling in love with the place. The architecture so grand and intricate at the same time. The streets were so narrow but so filled with life. The people rushing around or enjoying their gondola rides. I just wanted to sit and take it all in…

That’s what I did. I stopped at a restaurant in a busy street and sat down. As I enjoyed my pasta, I watched all the people walk past and it was such an amazing experience. Even with the noise and the people around, you could really enjoy Venice completely without feeling overwhelmed.

Outside the station

The hardest part of the day was finding my way back to the station. As I started the 20-minute journey back I was so distracted by the different streets and the beautiful art that I would always end up taking a different route. After 100 more photos and a complete photoshoot session, I made it to the station about an hour later.

Venetian mask

As I stepped on the train, exhausted after 10 miles of walking and filled with nothing but gelato and pasta, I knew I had to come back one more time. Just to experience it all again and explore a little more.

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