Valentine’s day

14th February. The day most people see as the day of love. Single people cry and loved up couples shower each other with chocolates and flowers.

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But the reality is that Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be the day you show love to that one special person. It can be the day you tell your friends that you appreciate them. The day you tell your mum how much you miss her. Tell your dad, how his dad jokes really do make you laugh. The day you tell your sister that you miss not being able to steal her clothes.

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You could also just cheer up a complete stranger because nothing better than making someone else smile. For many years, me and my sister send each other gifts on Valentines day. Now, even though she is married and has two kids we carry on this tradition. Why? because it gives a chance to celebrate our relationship and tell each other that we do love each other, even if we don’t say it often.





So, today send a message to all your loved ones. Whether you are in a relationship or you are single, make today about celebrating all your relationships and friendships.

I have said it before, a single message can change a day and put a smile on someone’s face. So don’t hesitate.




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