Traveling solo?

I love traveling and I do enjoy traveling alone. I know it sounds a little weird but it gives me the opportunity to make new friends and do the things I truly enjoy. I love traveling with people too but traveling alone is a completely different experience.

But every time I decide to travel alone people always question; huh? You’re traveling alone? Like all by yourself?

Yeah, I am traveling alone. All by myself because that is a completely different experience to the one of traveling with someone.

Nabeeda on a beach

Here are my reasons for traveling alone:

  1.  I don’t have to wait for anyone. I can just think of something, ask my parents if I can go (I am still an Asian girl after all) and then plan, book and go. If I was to do the same thing with people involved then it would look something like this: Choose a place, ask them what they think, they don’t like it so choose again. Place chosen. Now figuring out dates, times and prices. It just gets messy.Nabeeda rolling eyes
  2. Doing whatever I want. Some trips I want to chill, others I want to explore non-stop and sometimes I literally just go and do nothing. But that is my choice. Traveling with people means you follow their schedule and that doesn’t always match. But when it does match it is a great combo. But traveling alone just makes it simpler.
  3. Meeting new people. When I travel with people I am in a comfort zone and I will not venture out to make friends. But when I am alone and I really want to be able to talk then it pushes me out there and helps me make friends. On my several adventures, I have met many trips. My favorite was the trip to Barcelona where I met two American girls who were going to see the Ed Sheeran concert. The vibe, the night and the friendship was amazing. I had a great time and I still follow their adventures through Instagram and Facebook.Me, the two americans and a photobomb
  4. Reflect. Traveling alone gives me time to reflect on myself and life so far. In my busy life, I rarely sit down to do that. But when I am traveling I get many opportunities to do this. It makes me realise how far I have come, where I want to go and what matters to me the most. These are important reflections that help me understand life a little better.
  5. Building confidence. Traveling alone builds my confidence. As I explore new streets and visit new countries I become more confident. I feel more comfortable and safer. With every experience, I feel like I can do more and achieve more. What more could I ask for?

Traveling alone isn’t for everyone. But I do think you should travel alone at least once. Just to see the things you can learn about yourself and the traits you can develop.

If you already travel alone then tell me what you enjoy about traveling alone…

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