Thoughts of the non-drinker

I don’t drink for a lot of reasons but mainly because of my religion and I am absolutely fine with that. I have many friends who do drink and I am happy going out and doing stuff with them because drinking is their choice and non drinking is mine.

But there are some things my sober mind really doesn’t like and guess what? I am going to tell you those now.

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  1. Don’t make me feel like the weirdo in the group – I am the first one to admit I am weird but don’t make me feel like the odd one out for not drinking. I don’t mind answering questions about why I don’t drink but if you constantly pester me about it the whole night then I really won’t be happy. You will probably never see me in a social setting with you again.
  2. No one is watching – The amount of times people have said this to me to encourage me to drink is unreal. If I had a penny for every time I would be able to pay off my student loans. The reality is that not drinking is my choice, its not because my parents will tell me off or that god is watching. Whether someone is watching or not won’t impact my choice. So stop saying rolling eyes
  3. Offering me drinks persistently – There are people out there who don’t clearly don’t get the message when you tell them once and they keep offering you drinks. In the hope that I will accept. What they don’t understand is that if they keep going on then I will accept the opportunity to throw the drink in their face. I appreciate that you might be just being nice but you could offer me a Coke, you don’t have to offer me Alcohol every time.
  4. You are probably no fun – I don’t understand why people think drinking = fun . Yes, people who drink have a lot of fun but doesn’t mean non-drinkers are boring people. I have had some amazing and fun nights and I have never needed a drop of Alcohol. You don’t seem to remember them because you were probably too drunk or uninvited because you just thought it would be a boring night.
  5. Do you hate drunk people? –  People often think because I don’t drink I must hate drunk people. In reality, drunk people are hilarious and actually super nice. My drunk friends are actually the cutest.

This post isn’t to call anyone out but to actually tell people that sometimes these things can get annoying especially if you have to deal with them everyday.

Ps I think drunk people are hilarious 😂

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Moral of the story: Don’t be annoying whether you drink or you don’t just be cool with everyone.

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