Normally, I don’t do things like this but there are certain things I am just not happy with and I feel like people should know.

  1. How expensive ethical clothing and sustainable food sources are. It’s like companies still make the same profit and pass on all the costs to the public, and put them off purchasing these things because it works out so much more expensive. How are we supposed to save the planet?Nabeeda rolling eyes
  2. My name – this a strange thing but I am a hopeless romantic. I always imagine someone writing and singing a song for me. How is anyone ever going to write a song about Nabeeda? I love my name but it annoys me that you can’t add it to a song. Why would my parents do that to me?

    Me looking for someone that can write the song with my name
  3. Cost of sanitary products. WHY AM I PAYING FOR THIS? Periods were not and will never be a choice so why am I paying so much for these products? I didn’t choose this life, this life chose me so stop taxing me and making me pay extortionate prices for these essentials. IT IS NOT A LUXURY.
  4. Obsession with drinking. People are obsessed with drinking and if you don’t drink then you have to prove that you are fun. I am tired of having to do that. I give up. You have a problem with that. Then I am leaving your drunk ass to hang out with people who won’t constantly question why I don’t drink and how that makes me boring.
  5. Public transport in the UK. We pay so much to travel around the country or even inner city but the level of service we get is questionable. I am often squashed against like 10 other people whilst the prices of my ticket keep rising. Can someone tell me – what am I paying for?

    me looking away
    Dreaming about a time when I will actually get a seat on the train!
  6. Paying for the toilet – have you ever really needed the toilet and get to the toilet and its like 50p to use it. I just don’t understand, how are you going to charge me for this? To make it worse when you go into these toilets they are the dirtiest place you have ever been to. You are scared to even sit on the toilet. What am I paying for?


When you see a toilet, you realise you have to pay and then see the absolutely disgusting state it is in

What are some of the things you find annoying or just completely mad about?  Let me know in the comments.


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