You’re probably thinking this is going to be a story from when I was about 4/5 but it’s actually a story from a couple of weeks ago.

I can’t help it, I am a little late to these things.

I’d like to think I’m someone who has managed to achieve a few things with my degree and work experience and all the other things. But there are simple things such as cycling that I still struggle to do haha 😂

I know it’s so bad. But I was recently in London with a friend and we walked past the Santander cycle stand, there stood in front of me the opportunity to learn. I was so scared. It all became real, I would have to get on that bicycle and learn.

Because it’s something so simple but something you should know by the sweet age of 22.

I thought of so many things from the fear of embarrassment to the risk of falling. I didn’t want to look like a stupid mess in front of everyone.


But you see that’s the thing. Learning new things should never stop. Even if it scares you and even if they’re things you should have learnt a long time ago. If it pushes you out of your comfort zone, then great. Go ahead and do it. That’s the best way to learn.

You have to take a chance on yourself.


I did. I struggled a little and I screamed A LOT. But you know I managed it with the help of my friend. I lost balance a million times. I am far from ready for Tour de France. But I took that first step…

And I learnt something new.

I still need to keep practising and going but I took that first step towards learning something new. Always remember age doesn’t matter and you should always keep learning. Don’t let anything from taking a chance on yourself.

Today, find something you like and, take some time to learn it.


Maybe ask someone to help you out! Thank you to my friend for the support because with the help of people learning something can be a little easier!


  1. Claps for you 😀
    You’ve learnt something new at this age .Keep it up 🙂
    Learning is growing.Keep learning Keep growing!
    Have a great journey ahead 😎

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