My phone buzzed and I looked down to see I had received an email from a company I had recently interviewed for. A little nervous and a little excited I opened the email…

The email read:

“Thank you so much for your application. We appreciate the time you took to go through process. Unfortunately,”

At that point I stopped reading, because I knew what the rest of it said. I had received many such emails in the past week and each email had shattered my confidence a little.

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But I realised I couldn’t give up. Rejection is part of the process. With every rejection comes the experience to learn for the future. Maybe I didn’t do something right or most importantly maybe I wasn’t the right fit. Just like I want the perfect job and company, they want the best for their culture.

I know a lot of people are in the same boat as me. Looking for a job and facing rejection.

But there is a saying, which is my absolute favourite:

“What is meant for me will never miss me, what misses me was never meant for me.”

So, don’t let that rejection get you down or that struggle make you lose hope.

I believe in you!

Its a hard life out there, I know that from current experiences but there are so many thing you can do to get ahead of the game.

  1. Apply, Apply, Apply. Even if you feel like you have almost got an offer, don’t stop applying. If there are jobs out there for your career then you need to be applying.
  2. Research. Research the companies and know why you would be a fit and sell that to them. They already know everything about the company, they want to know why you would fit in.
  3. Feedback. At every stage ask for feedback, it will help you learn for the next stages and other interviews and assessment centres.
  4. Take a post rejection chill. Every time I receive a rejection, I just chill for a bit and treat myself in some way, because mentally rejections can be draining and over time they will bring you down.
  5. Ask for help. If you are struggling with applications and know someone who can help then reach out. What are networks and connections for?

All I want to say is we are all struggling and we are in it together. Just remember to keep going. Each rejection brings you closer to the job you’re going to love. Just because other people around you have found something doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. Just focus on your hustle and what you need to do to be able to succeed.

I promise you will get there in the end!

PS: if you need any help, advice or just someone who can listen then I am out here for you <3


  1. Khadija Bakali Reply

    Keep up your efforts and success will be yours good luck and as you are for others l am here for you my dear

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