The present moment

It is very easy to get lost in our thoughts or consumed by the thousand things around us: phones, friends or just running the daily to-do list in our heads. But, while doing that we start missing out on some really important moments or just even taking in the things around us.

So every day, I walk to work the same way. But one day as I was walking, I noticed a grand hotel on my way to work and I hadn’t seen it before. It was so big that it was unmissable. I thought to myself why I had never seen it before? Then it all clicked, that normally I am so lost in my music or other things that I don’t take int he surroundings or even what is happening around me.

Nabeeda enjoying the view

That little moment made me realise the importance of being in the moment. Really just focusing on what is happening now rather than thinking about what you will reply to that email or say to your friends. It takes time to come to terms with that and even now I don’t pay full attention to most moments. But the reality is the more focused we are on the current moment, the more we realise how beautiful the things around us are. There is art, culture, and adventure hidden in every corner. We just need the eyes and the focus to see it.

So, today I ask you to spend some time just being in the moment. Go outside and see what the world has to offer…

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