The Leadership weekend

I recently attended the leadership weekend ran by UpRising and it was truly a life-changing opportunity as I met with people from all over the country. We discussed different ideas and my main takeaway was: the world has so many inspirational people filled with ideas, we all just need to come together to make a difference.

The Uprising group

The weekend started with interactions with different groups from different cities. Learning about their campaigns and ideas: from wanting to encourage people to think critically to improving job opportunities for young people. The room was filled with leaders who wanted to influence and change the system in some ways to help people who couldn’t help themselves. That in itself was a beautiful environment to be in.

But then we heard from guest speakers from Change.org. The message they had was a true learning experience. WHY? I hear you ask. Because for someone who wants to change things I always think that change needs to be big and have great impact. But the reality is every change counts. From changing the life of one person to a 1000 people, every little act of change and leadership matters. They gave many examples of different petitions where the change had a small impact but it was definitely still a step in the right direction.

Nabeeda enjoying the view

Not just that, but it is also about directing it at the right person. If you keep aiming your ideas to the wrong person you will never get the result you want. Aim it at the right person and they will listen. So know your audience and know your influencer. This isn’t just relevant to campaigns and social action but just generally life. From sales to business development, if you aim the tactics at the decision makers things will happen but if you target the wrong person with the right tactics, nothing will happen.

As I spent the night thinking about it all and taking it all in, I had the opportunity to spend time with some lovely people to see their perspective on everything that had happened during the day because you always learn the most from different perspectives.

The following day was another chance to learn and ask questions. As we learned more about campaigning and how to campaign. The most important lesson being that a campaign of change or an idea needs to touch you emotionally but it also needs to encourage action. If it just reaches your emotions, you will get sad and move on but if it encourages action then you will get sad and do something about it.

That is the key thing: DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

on a mountain

I feel like I could talk about this leadership session and weekend for days and days because every conversation taught me something new. Every debate opened my eyes to a new perspective and every person inspired me to keep going and believing in my cause.

I might not see most of the people again, but the important thing is to keep thinking about it and reminding myself of the lessons I learned.


My message for you: expand your horizon and gain more knowledge every day! Knowledge is power.

My other piece of advice to you: Check out UpRising. An organization that helps young people become the leaders of tomorrow through a journey of 9 months and many sessions where you get a chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals.



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