Last year in November, I was lucky enough to go and see ‘Humble the Poet’ live. He sang, he talked, he read his book and overall did a show that will stay with me forever. It will stay with me forever not only because his performance was amazing and he made some good points but also because of what happened on the day.
Humble in his element
So we got to the show and he started doing his thing and boom we had first issue; technical difficulties. His laptop wouldn’t work. This was annoying as all the stuff was on there. But as that was being sorted he made jokes and comments to keep the audience engaged. It made me think back to all the time I had technical issues in meetings and presentations and how I’ve always stressed out because I want to do my best or feel like I’m letting people down. But here was a guy who was calm and collected and happily doing his thing. Lesson no. 1: just be patient in situations of stress as the journey to resolving the issue will be a lot easier.
Humble the Poet
Anyways, technical difficulty resolved. We carried on and he talked some more about life and friendships. He made a great point about staying connected with the people you care about. Often in life, we become obsessed with our goals and forget about the people around us. But the reality is that without the people the goals mean nothing. Nothing at all. He put up one quote on the screen which was very impactful for me: My parents were part of the sacrifices generation. I’m part of the I’m going to prove that ‘your sacrifices were worth it’ generation. That resonated with me on so many levels as I know the sacrifices my parents have made for and this event was an important reminder to make sure that I make my parents proud.
As we carried on the this amazing live experience, the fire alarm went off and we all had to leave the building. Now, this would be the worst thing for any artist on stage to have all his audience evacuate because of a fire alarm. An unplanned, unexpected fire alarm. As some people even decided to go home and I was wondering what I should do. It was cold outside, did I really want to be waiting as it seemed to be taking a lot of time. But as I was thinking that Humble came outside and started talking to everyone and taking photos. I couldn’t contain my excitement and managed to get a selfie.
But what I loved was that Humble didn’t get stressed. He just found another way to make us happy. He talked and laughed. Signed books. Took photos and just generally made the stay outside in the cold worthwhile. That was an important life lesson. Life will ALWAYS throw curveballs but you just need to figure ways of dealing with it. Trust me where there’s a will there’s a way. 
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