I love travelling. But what I forget sometimes is the beauty that England holds. I get consumed in the whole let’s travel the world mode but I don’t see the sights that are around me. I guess because social media and everything else is so focused on all these other places.


So this time I decided to go to Hastings in England. This was just a random choice. When my friend suggested it, I was like huh. What? Is that even a place?

But that’s where adventure begins when you go to places you don’t know about and haven’t heard of. Because you never know what will happen. It is safe to say that I was definitely pleasantly surprised by what my eyes saw.

There was beauty all around me even as I felt every part of me freezing. I just felt so happy to be at that moment. There were many things that made me fall in love with Hastings.


But my favourite moment was when I sat at the beach and the cold wind just hit me in my face but it was in that moment that I felt so alive. As I breathed in the cold air, my lungs felt refreshed. Maybe it is because I spend too much time in polluted London or maybe its because I have always loved spending time with nature.  Because all that mattered in that moment was being there. Taking in the air and just enjoying what was happening around me.

You see, life does this thing where you get busier and busier and forget to focus on the beauty of the things and the beautiful moments that are passing you. But moments like that remind you and remain with you. Every time I think back to that moment I can still feel the wind.

So find your moments. Breathe them in and think back to them any time you are stressed.


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