The Halloween story

So this Halloween I was at work, we had a Sales day (which basically means making calls to our clients and to encourage us to do we would get prizes etc.) and as part of this we were also asked to dress up…

So me being me: the over enthusiastic bunny, I dressed up as Pennywise in the hope that everyone would dress up.

Halloween dress up
Its simple and effective HAHA 😀

As I walked to the station at 6:30 in the morning, everyone just stared at me and how stupid I looked. As I got to the office, to my surprise, no one had dressed up. NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE PERSON. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me because I looked silly.

But then I thought, hey! At least I will get extra points in the sales say for the effort (WOOHOO!). To my even bigger surprise, the Sales day was CANCELLED! Man, I wanted to just scream.

SHOULD I TAKE MY MAKE UP OFF OR KEEP IT ON? That was the question.

So I thought, in my lunch break I will go and buy some make up wipes and take the make up off. That was the only way to deal with how silly I looked.

Nabeeda Laughing
What can I do eh? – my reaction to the situation

At lunchtime, I walked out to buy some make up wipes and something happened. All the business people who always looked moody or grumpy would laugh or let a smile slip.

I realised that once you come into the world of work, you start fitting into a mould of this corporate lifestyle where you forget to laugh and smile and be anything but that corporate robot.

So by me, dressing up and looking a little silly I was doing two things:

  1. making people laugh and smile. The smiles people gave and the way people laughed made up for the fact how silly I felt in myself because those people looked like they could have done with that cheer.
  2. y dressing up I was going against the idea of a typical “corporate” look. I was being me and I was being expressive.

So I decided against the make up wipes and walked back proudly into the office with my make up on.

I had it on the whole day with no fear and no shame.

Moral: sometimes we need to look a little silly to make others happy. Also, always break the molds and create your own version of YOU!

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