Recently I attended an event organised by TedX society at Aston University and it was such a great learning experience as the event focused on ‘where I came from, and where I am going?’

Tedx event photo

Throughout the day I thought about my story of where I came from and where I am going. But the event taught me many different lessons. The day went as follows:

Marco Sousa Lau

Marco talked about the idea of laziness and how that can actually help us come up with some great ideas and make things easier for us. He went from being lost and confused about what he would do in life to being someone who has a pathway and it may change or develop into different things but it is a pathway that matches him. He doesn’t need to follow the path set out by the world but the one he sat out for himself.

The Jay show

The Jay show was a dance act. One that literally blew me away as I watched them set the stage on fire. I feel dance in itself has a story and the three performers on stage told their stories and what they were about. I just stared in awe with my jaw dropped with the talent and skill they had. I would 100% recommend checking them out.

Gaurav Kalair

Gaurave Kalair’s talk was one that I feel really resonates with many young people. That fear of failure and wanting to make your parents proud. That unknown feeling of being lost and confused and struggling to find a pathway. But what he said was that he has failed so much and so badly that nothing could be worse than that. Now he will try anything because he couldn’t be worse than he has been. Sometimes we need to think like that to throw ourselves into situations that we never would have otherwise.

Aaron Payne

Aaron is a very good friend of mine. His talk was the one that had me in tears as he talked about how he was the victim of hate crime and as his life flashed before his eyes, he realised what was important to him. Since then the journey Aaron has been on has made me so proud of him. He has been glowing and growing as he steps out of his comfort zone with new things every day.

His message to everyone don’t wait for a life-changing moment like that to change things around but make it happen while you can.

Venandah Madanhi

Venandah graduated the same year as me from Aston and I have seen her many times in my lecture. I was always inspired by her as I saw her tweets and read about her achievements. I always though Daymmm this girl is doing so well. But I was even more inspired by her after hearing her talk. Why? Because she talked about her personal struggles, setbacks and being the superstar she is even after going through. It melted my heart and I just hope more people get exposed to people like her and see that a hard life doesn’t mean a bad life you can turn it around.

Stories like this make you reflect on your own stories and where you see yourself. So I now want you to sit down and think about your story and where you are going.


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