I read an article on LinkedIn which made me realise so many things in life. So the article was based on the idea of hustling. Every day, I am exposed to a hundred Instagram posts, 50 Facebook posts and like 100 Twitter posts about the idea of hustling, that we should be hustling every day. Doing extra hours after work, getting up at like 3 am in the morning or working late into the hours of the night.

Nabeeda playing with building blocks
Building my empire.

I get the idea of the hustle, working hard to achieve big goals and dreams. Giving it your all to make sure that you get everything you have ever imagined. But it can also be such an unhealthy idea. Especially the idea showcased on social media. It is asking you to work 24/7 until you burn out. Until you have no energy left and you just need to take a mental and physical break.

Nabeeda taking a break from it all.

I believed and followed that idea. Which meant I was always doing a million things at once and just trying to make sure I was a part of everything. But the reality is that doesn’t work and it truly isn’t great for you. I came to a point where I sat down and thought daymmm, I am doing all this but what am I getting out of this.

Then, I decided to change things up. If there are times when I haven’t managed to finish a blogpost or do a blogpost in advance, I will skip that day. If I have said yes to a plan I really don’t want to go to, I will say no because rest days are important. Having a break is important.

Hustling hard is good but don’t hustle too hard that you forget to enjoy the life you are working towards. Take breaks, say no and enjoy the moment too.

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