Sunshine blogger

I have been nominated for this award before but when Vinny @artsy draft nominated me, I had to show my love and appreciation for her.

She is absolutely wonderful and her blog is filled with a mix of books and movies and challenges. I would totally recommend checking her out. SHE IS AWESOME!

Here are the answers to her questions:

  • Tell us about your first blog?

I made my first blog many many years ago. It was about my poetry and other fictional stories I used to write. I changed it up and deleted the blog because I felt the stories and the poems were too personal for me to share with others. Nearly two year ago… World of Nabeeda was born.

  • What do you blog about now?

I blog about my life and the experience as well as some fictional stuff. It is different from my other blog but maybe I will share my poetry and stories one day.

Nabeeda looking around

  • What is your favourite resource for blogging?

I love using Twitter. It is a simple way to promote and also a space to get and new ideas. Maybe I need to spend more time in the blogging world to have different apps haha 😀

  • Do you keep a blog a secret from your family?

No. Everyone knows about my blog. Anyone who knows me hears all about my blog. I did keep it a secret at the start and then I stopped caring.

Nabeeda Laughing

  • What is your interest aside from blogging?

I am really interested in social enterprises and leadership related things. So I spend a lot of my time looking for programs or working on them to develop different leadership ideas and plans.

  • What’s your all time favourite book?

This one is really hard. I have two: The Alchemist – It makes me think about life and how destiny will make everything alright.

A thousands splendid suns – it connects with me in a way that I cant even begin to describe.

  • What is your all time favourite movie and why?

Bollywood: Kuch kuch hota hai – its a childhood classic, how can I say anything else.

10 things I hate about you and 500 days of summer – they make me feel so happy

  • Tea or coffee?

Can I say hot chocolate?

Me drinking a hot chocolate

  • Sweet or Savoury?


  • Favourite bloggers?


Georgia Anne

Blogging by Soph

Check them out and show them some love <3

  • What have you learnt from blogging and what surprised you the most?

I learnt that you have to be your own biggest cheerleader before you expect others to support you. I was extremely surprised by the amount of support there is in the blogging community. I started off a little nervous and over the year I have received so many people. So I am sending love to them all.