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Storytime Sunday: University life

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Its a gloomy Thursday morning, I get ready for my 9am lecture. I make it in time (I always do). Even though its my favourite lecturer I struggle to concentrate and somehow the 2 hours feel like 2 years. Finally, the lecture is over and I get ready for my next one. That lecture flies past and I am done for the day. As I go back in my room, sit down on my bed. Without even realising, I am crying. Why? I wish I could understand. I know I am stressed, actually I AM SUPER STRESSED. The deadlines and the assignments are catching up and I feel out of control. That was my first final year breakdown. I predict many, many more.

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University life is all fun and games but it does takes it toll. At Uni, you go through all types of emotions and honestly, it is okay to be sad. It is okay to cry and it is definitely okay to ask for help.

I have absolutely loved my years at University even with their ups and down and all the craziness and pressure. So here is my advice to make the most of the University experience.

  1. YOUR HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT – don’t let anyone tell you anything different. Your mental and physical health should be priority. No matter how hard University gets or how many deadlines you have, take time out for yourself to do things you enjoy.                       IMG_1866
  2. Get out of the bubble – according to me University can be like a bubble. You study, work and chill with friends all in this one bubble. That can be suffocating. So, get out and explore outside of that with the Beatles
  3. Alone time  – I feel at University you are ALWAYS surrounded by people. your friends, flatmates or course mates. Someone or the other is always around. Try and spend some time away from people once a week to just relax and reflect to ensure that you’re doing good. Sometimes, when you are surrounded by people you don’t actually realise how low you actually feel. Give yourself that walking away
  4. Exercise – go to the gym, join a yoga class, a dance class or something else. IT WILL HELP. I know it seems like effort but it will make you feel better and more stress free, I speak from experience.
  5. Focus from the start – If you start off the year focused, you won’t feel as stressed out later. Create a vision or goal for yourself and ensure that you think about it everyday. That will help you focus and stay on track to achieve your overall end looking away
  6. Have fun! – I don’t think I even need to say that but University years are some of the best years of your life so have fun. Create memories!IMG_1785 (Edited)

University life is hard but it is worth it. Make the most of it.

Remember it is normal to feel low and lost. That’s part of life, the important thing is picking yourself up and moving on.

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