Storytime Sunday: The time I was obsessed with Stats

I blog on WordPress which I think is the easiest way for me to go forward. WordPress has a stats page where I can see how many people visited my website, how many likes and comment I got, which country the people visited from and also compare the figure to other days, weeks and months. It sounds boring but it’s pretty exciting stuff.

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But, I realised I started writing to get more people to come to my page. I was focused on the traffic rather than the content and I know when that happens you have already started losing your audience.

Then I received a message from a real close friend who told me a story and it made me realise what my purpose and aim was for writing.

She said ‘Nabeeda, keep writing about things that touch you rather than writing to push people to read your blog. Because when we do things out of passion we produce our best work.’

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She then told me this story: There was once a pianist in a restaurant. She was playing and she looked around and saw no one was listening or paying attention so she started getting sad and tried her hardest to get their attention from her music. But after a while she gave up and started playing for fun, playing things she enjoyed and only for herself. Suddenly, the people in the restaurant had stopped eating and talking and everyone was paying attention to the music. This was because the pianist was enjoying herself and was completely lost in the music and playing her best music.

After reading this I knew that I don’t need people to read my work. I need to have faith in my work. I need to know that I enjoy writing and I am writing for myself and about stuff that I actually care about. The audience will come itself.

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This is important in every aspect of our life. When we take on a new job,a new task or a new activity we should do it for ourselves. Our competition should be with our own self. That way we will work hard to achieve our goals and beat yesterday’s targets. Focus on yourself and developing everyday. Success, recognition and praise will follow.


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