Storytime Sunday: The time I was a fan-girl

Disclaimer: This story is from when I was young and stupid… (actually I am still stupid).

I came across a Youtube Channel. It featured 4 guys who did Bollywood dancing, skits and desi pranks. I found the channel amusing and it was just the best thing my young mind could have discovered. Over time I started liking one of the boys from the group.

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Credit: Google Images

I tweeted them, and followed them all social mediums possible because now I was totally obsessed with them. I went as far as to create a book with their journey and loads of pictures of the guy I really liked from the group. Because why not? HAHA 😀

I even said to my mum that I would get married to him one day (at this point, I would like to remind you again that I was a young girl and this is not the current me). I think I liked them so much because I love Bollywood and to see a group of guys appreciating Bollywood just as much made me like them. I guess that is one factor that makes people more likeable to me.

Credits to Google and my searching ability

Recently, the guy I liked from the group got married and it brought back a lot of memories from those days and I wanted to write about it. It was so funny to see the pictures and the videos from the wedding because back then I was so crazy I had come up with an elaborate plan to meet him.

Memories are great and looking back just brings a smile on your face.

Now I want you to go back a few years in your memories and bring out some good memories because memories can make us feel happier <3

P.S extra points for guessing which Youtube Channel I am talking about <3

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