Storytime Sunday: The impact you have on people

I was sitting in a lecture and one of my friends came and sat next to me. I hadn’t spoken to this person in forever. I had been on placement and he had been on placement so we were just catching up on everything that had happened and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.

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When the lecture ended and I left, he caught up with me and said I wanted to thank you. I am just there thinking what are you thanking me for?

Then he said: ” you helped me with my coursework and I managed to do really well because of you.” and I literally just said I don’t remember and he told me that he had messaged me and asked for some help and I had been super helpful. He just wouldn’t stop thanking me and he just seemed to think that I had helped him a lot.

I didn’t remember helping him at all so I tried to think and went back in my messages and found our old conversation. When I looked at it, I had just responded with whatever limited knowledge I had and directed him to his tutor. But according to him I had been helpful

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In that moment, I realised that on a daily basis we have a huge impact on people and their lives. Just by doing the little things. For me that was a quick message that I forgot about but for him it helped to get a good grade.

We don’t know what actions of ours are impacting people so we should always try and help. Even if to you it seems like its nothing to someone else it might be a great thing. A smile, a message or a quick word won’t take away any time from your life but can have a positive impact on others.

Moral: If you are ever in the position to help others, don’t shy away. Even the tiny bit of help can have the biggest impact and bring the biggest, brightest smiles.

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