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Storytime Sunday: Don’t give up

As I was sitting watching the apprentice, my phone buzzed (actually that’s not completely true because my phone is always on silent). So my phone lit up and it was a message from one of my friend.

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I opened the message and there was a link to a YouTube video. It was a video of her talking about something she is super passionate about. She had made the video to try and get tickets for an event that she was passionate about but she had missed the deadline to buy tickets.

As I watched the video I realised how passionate she was about this and how much hard work she had put in. I loved the video and I told her that. She sent off the video and they absolutely loved it and not only did she get tickets but she was like a little celebrity at this event.

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Why am I telling you this story? Well I learnt something from this.

I learnt that life is simple. If you want something or if you love something, you have to work hard for it. You have to give it your all. Step out of that comfort zone and give it your best shot.

Many times in life, we get scared of rejection and give up before we have even started. The key is to keep going. Be creative and try your best. My friend did what she had to do and got what she wanted.

So I want you all to go out there and get whatever it is you want. Follow your dreams. It will be hard work but honestly, it will be worth it.

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I know this because when she spoke to me after that event she was soooo happy and that was because she wasn’t ready to give up and made sure she worked for what she wanted.

Find something you love and work for it… See what happens.

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