Storytime Sunday: Changed plans

One May weekend, me and my friends at Uni decided to do a BBQ because for once, the weather was good and it was a great excuse for a revision break. We got everything ready and bought all the stuff for the next day.

Can anyone guess what happened the next day?

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It rained and it rained and it rained a little more (I don’t even know why I was surprised because a typical British Summer consists of rain and more rain). But rather than cancelling altogether we decided to have an indoor picnic.

At this point, my friends were a little bit disappointed but things took a turn for the better. HOW? I hear you ask.

Well first, we had lots of food and when you have food, you really have no reason to be sad.

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Then we played truth and dare… (yes, I know we are not in Year 11 and no, I will not talk about the details of that truth and dare game because somethings need to be kept under covers). But, I will say that I might have ended up outside the library doing a chicken dance…. or might not have. Who knows?

Why am I telling you all this is the real question?


When the weather didn’t favour us we could have all just gone home and sulked or changed the plan like we did and have a good time.

In reality, the BBQ might have been more fun or it might have been boring. I have no idea and I will never know about that because that was not an option. But, by doing an indoor picnic we made the best of the situation we were in.

Moral of the story: Make the most of every situation, even the bad ones because they all help create memories. Also, you can never go wrong when food is involved.

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