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Storytime Sunday: Aspire, Believe, Achieve

Anyone who has spent more than a few days with me, has at some point heard me say Aspire, Believe and Achieve. This is the motto of my old school. For some reason I just love saying it.

The reality is I started using it as joke but now I actually use it for its meaning.

It was useful when me and my friends went for a hike.. I say hike it was a tiny mountain but I am unfit and struggle with heights so honestly, it was the biggest thing I could achieve. I think I deserve some praise just for trying. JK.


At the start of the hike, I just kept saying Aspire, believe, achieve. My friends found that very annoying and I don’t blame them.  Imagine, someone chanting that as you are struggling to go up a mountain.

But the reality is we really wanted to go to the top, we kept going and believed in ourselves and achieved our goal. It was a cold, windy day but we kept going. When I say windy, I mean I nearly fell off the mountain type of wind.

This motto applies to everything in life not just the hike I did. Any dream, task, goal can only be achieved; if we aspire to make it come true. Then we need to believe in ourselves. I believe that the energy and thoughts we send out are what we get back. So if I genuinely believe that I can climb a mountain then that belief will keep me going and I will climb that mountain.

admiring the view from a mountain

In life we face many challenges and battles, what we need to this have faith in ourselves and know that no matter what happens we will get through it. If we have managed to survive for so long, we will manage now too. The key is to always believe that you will get through whatever it is and that belief will make sure you achieve your goal.


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