Story time Sunday: The time I got bitten

I was walking down the street delivering leaflets for something to the houses in my neighbourhood. It was a chilled out day and I was just listening to music. But, I feel like a normal day can change-up in a second.

So I stopped to deliver a leaflet and started talking to a neighbour that was walking past. Then…

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AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Credit: Google Images

My finger was bitten by the dog on the other side of the door. When I pulled my hand out what I saw was not freaked me out even more. It felt like my finger would fall off.

With tears rolling down my eyes my neighbour took me to my house which was across the street. My mum opened the door to see a crying face, a bleeding hand and a finger that looked like it would fall off. She has definitely seen better things.

We rushed to the emergency ward (which really wasn’t emergency as I waited for a few hours). I was called in next day for an operation to put my finger back together. As much pain I was in and as horrid as my hand looked, I was kind of excited because I always wanted to try general anesthesia (basically being completely knocked out). I warned you I am weird already.

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The next day came and I had me operation and I remember waking up just slobbering and just so confused. I recovered in a couple of weeks and still have a scar on my finger.

But, why the hell did I tell this long story?

Well, I am scared of dogs and always have been and when I was bitten I started fearing more. Every time I saw a dog I would just flashback to that moment when I saw my hand all cut up and bleeding. The police came round to my house and said that the owner was sorry and they could get the dog put down.

That moment I could have gotten angry and decided to have the dog put down or been logical and understood that the dog could be trained and things could change. I decided to let the owner just train the dog and look after it better. Now, this isn’t to tell you how amazing I am because that you should already know. But to tell you, that when making decisions in life we should really think about our decisions and think about why the other person or animal did what they did.

My situation:

The dog bit me in an act to protect the house thinking that I was a burglar. That doesn’t justify the act but does make it easier to deal with.

If we did that for everyone decision we would get more logical results.

Moral of the story: Don’t leaflet houses with dogs and really think about a situation from all perspectives before making a decision.

Happy Sunday <3

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