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Story time Sunday: The time I got 100 followers

Numbers shouldn’t really matter when it comes to blogging and honestly, it really isn’t a big deal for me. But, when I woke up on a Sunday morning to learn that I had reached my first 100 followers that was a moment of pure happiness.


When I started writing a few months ago, I wrote because it made me happy and it still makes me happy. To be able to tell people a story and hope they learn from my mistakes and enjoy my experiences.

Even though I write for my own sake, it is always nice to get a comment or a like. It makes me happy when people follow World of Nabeeda because that shows me my writing is good enough to be read. A little appreciation from my followers motivates me to write more and more. In life we can do anything we want if we are passionate about it but a little praise makes the hard work a little easier.

World of Nabeeda will never be a business but I would like more and more people to join in this world. me spreading my arms

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me reach the goal of 100 followers. Now lets get to 250 together.



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