Story time Sunday: Haircut

You guys are probably thinking that she is so badly out of ideas that now she will tell us about her haircut. Daym!

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Credit: Google Images

Well this isn’t about my general visit to the hairdresser but a haircut that really changed me. Still sounds boring I know… Stick around and it gets better. Believe me!

So a few years ago, I went to have a haircut and at this point I used to have beautiful long hair that I absolutely loved.

me blowing bubbles
This shows my hair and I also love this picture and think everyone should see it HAHA 😀

But as anyone who has ever been to a hairdresser knows that things hardly ever go right. In this visit things went horribly wrong. We were chatting and she was cutting my hair and I had said I wanted like a few centimetres off and just a clean up. (Question: do hairdressers not understand the metric system?)

So she is cutting my hair and my eyes are closed as I am chilling and I hear her say finished after what felt like forever for a quick trim. I open my eyes and…

Image result for willy wonka hair
This is what I looked like (not as white) – Credit: Google Images

I cried that night because now I looked so stupid and my hair was a mess and according to the 17 year old Nabeeda that meant her life was a mess. The next day I had an important meeting and I was all MEH about everything.

But over the next few weeks I noticed something. I went from feeling like Willy Wonka to a confident girl. My friends noticed that I was more carefree and just really out there with things. I realised that when cutting the hair I hadn’t just cut hair but a weight of my shoulders and I felt lighter.

Now if the haircut had gone as planned things would have been the same. But things messed up so things could change and I could change.

Moral of the story: Things will go wrong because that is life but it is important to remember that things happen for a reason so just wait for it.

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