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Story time Sunday: First time

There is always a first time for everything but first times are always scary. But they sometimes bring the best memories. The first time you went on a rollercoaster, first time you went to university and thousands of other things that you do for the first time.

In this story I am talking about my first time travelling alone and moving to a different country for 3 months.

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My face when I realised I was moving to a different country. Credit: Google Images

So, I was doing an internship  in the UK and the company decided to move me to the Berlin office due to some problems and I was EXCITED! I feel like excited doesn’t even convey the true extent of my feelings haha 😀  But this would be my first time travelling alone and living sooooo far away from home. The furthest I had lived from home was 40 minutes. What would I do when I needed a mummy cuddle? Where will I go when I needed the comfort of my best friend’s arms? With the excitement came all of these questions and worries but I knew it would all work out. Well I hoped it would.

Packing, prepping and planning time flew by quickly and it was the day for me to fly to Berlin. I was flying alone and I was very very scared. I feel like the fear got the worst of me as I was stopped at security, my bags were completely checked, they did a drug test and asked me a bazillion questions before letting me board.

But when I stepped off that plane into Berlin I felt relaxed and ready to take it all on. For all my Bollywood heads I thought of what Amitabh Bachchan said in ‘English Vinglish’ “Pehli baar ek hi baar ata hai but bohat special hota hai” (The first time only comes once but it is really special). I knew I had to take it all in and enjoy every minute because this would never happen again.

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Credit: Google Images

My first night was me cuddling up to a pillow and crying because I felt so alone. But, I feel like that was the lowest point because from there things just got better and better. My flatmates were amazing, my workplace was so chilled and I got the opportunity to travel to so many other cities. My first time of this led to so many other first times.

Now when I look back the memories I feel so happy. It is weird how much I fell in love with the city, even now I miss it and think about the times I spent there. When I think back to the moment I first landed in Berlin, I feel like I could have handled it in two ways.

  1. Been scared the whole time and just stayed in my bubble and comfort zone and not making use of the opportunity.
  2. Letting the fear go and diving head first into the new country and opportunity.

I chose option 2 and without a doubt it was the correct choice because I didn’t just make new friends and discover new places but I developed as a person.

Moral of the story time: First times are scary but we shouldn’t let the fear take over because it all gets better and creates amazing memories.


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