Story time Sunday: Acne

Disclaimer anything said in this post is based on personal experience and doesn’t apply to everyone.

Acne… a word I absolutely hate but it’s the reality of many teenagers life and unfortunately my life too.

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I have been dealing with acne with a long time. Many people say it’s not a big deal but it has a huge impact on your self esteem and the way you look at yourself.
Really not as simple as it seems. Trust me on that.
I remember when I first started getting spots I was an awkward teenager and it didn’t matter because really I had other priorities like embarrassing myself in new ways or eating way more food than I needed🙄
But as I started getting older the spots got worse and I cared more and more which led me to use every product in the market. Took advice from anyone who would offer it.
Tip: don’t use all the products at once give products a few months to work. Spots don’t magically disappear.
Wish someone told the young Nabeeda ugh!
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Up until now I’m suffering from acne.
But, my lowest acne point was when I went on Accutane (isotretinoin) which is the strongest action for acne. It’s a very strong drug and I couldn’t handle it. My skin dried up and my lips were like dried plums that bled. Not pretty and very painful. I had nose bleeds pretty much everyday not cool when you have job interviews. Finally the worst part were my mood swings as I was hitting highs and lows everyday and it was exam season not the best. I faced some of my lowest moments as I tried to control it all.
Eventually I decided to leave the medicine as my body couldn’t take it and I was mentally tired…
Was it working? Yes but was it worth it? No
And as Ned stark said everything before a but is useless so yeah.
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Accutane has helped many people but for me, it wasn’t the answer.
Now I have some scars and many spots that come and go but I feel all these different experiences have just made me realise I just got to stay happy and let it work itself. The more I stress the worse it gets..
I have my down acne days where I just want to try anything to make it clear up but then I just think it could be worse… A lot worse.
If you have acne just think you need to be patient and remember what works for others doesn’t mean it will definitely work for you. Look after yourself and follow a skin care routine and over time you will see a difference.
Moral of the story: what works for others might not work for you. Spending hundreds of ££££s on skincare products is not the solution to acne problems.


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