2018 is in full swing… WOOHOO!

This is the time when the goals we set for ourselves start falling apart. We can’t seem to stick to them anymore. New years resolutions seem far off and you don’t care anymore.


This is the hard part. This is the part where you need to be consistent and you need to stick to your goals. Results come from consistency.

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How can I stay focused? I hear you ask.

5 simple techniques to help you stick to your goals:

  1. Create a vision/motivation board: Where do you see yourself? what do you want to achieve? Visualise it and create a board or a wall with motivation. Every time you see it, you will feel encouraged to go after your goals, no matter how hard they are.Image result for vision board
  2. Do it with a friend: Do you have friends who have similar goals? Then why not work on your goals with them. Having someone in the same boat as you can be motivation enough to keep you going. Honestly, the only reason I can go gym is because a flatmate of mine goes and that keeps me going. Trust me, it works!

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  3. 3. Don’t give up even if you fail at first – It is normal to fail and miss out on your goals. The key is to keep going. Missed a few days of gym, start again and see how focused you can be this time. Keep trying until you succeed. Failure is the stepping stone to success.
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    4. Have a break day – Most people fail because they try to go all out at once. Starting a new diet? try it a few days a week until you’re comfortable enough to go for the full week. Trying to cut down on something? cut it down to a few times a week and then go full on mode. Don’t push yourself to your limits right from the start.

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    5. Treat yourself – This is my favourite thing to say but honestly reward your efforts. It can be difficult sticking to your new goals so rewards yourself for every week or month you do really well. The reward in itself might become a motivation.

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Hopefully these few tips and tricks will help you with your goals. If you have any tips yourself, please comment below.


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