Today is a special day for me. That’s because it’s my mum’s birthday!


You see there are people in our life who make a huge impact on the people we that we become. For me, that is my mum. Her strength, love and selflessness is truly inspirational to me.

Many times the stories I write about are actually made possible because of her. Can you imagine a Pakistani mother letting her daughter move to another country to work for a year?

Well mine did. Even when it meant she would have a million sleepless nights and days worrying about whether I was okay. She lets me make my own mistakes so i can become my own person but she also teaches me the right way.


Without her  support, I would never have been courageous enough to even make that move. But she stood there strong and told me to go and live my dreams.

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It was a whole Bollywood vibe. Credit: Google Images

Since then everyday I live my dreams and do whatever I feel is part of my future plans.

But today I want to wish her the happiest birthday on this platform. Because I know she’s my biggest fan and cheerleader. She never fails to comment on each of my post which is true commitment from her haha 😂

I hope one day I can be a mother as great as her.

But for now, I hope I can make her proud because honestly the smile on her face is worth a million bucks ☺️


Today I want you all to reach out to the people who have been really influential in your life and tell them that you love them. Life is so short so keeping spreading that love because we all need some ❤️❤️

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