When I woke up again the next morning after like 3 hours of sleep. I was just so excited to see Shanghai that the lack of sleep didn’t matter, the heat didn’t matter and I was just ready to get going.

The day started with a visit to the local Jing’an Park next to my hotel. This park was interesting with a small gym area with the locals exercising, some older people doing Tai chi, some women practicing some dance moves and children running around. It was lovely to see it all come together. Even though it was so hot, everyone seemed to be having a ball.

Posing in the park

After I was done posing and getting my pictures taken, we moved towards West Bund. As I walked along the Huangpu river, it was just lovely to feel the cool breeze on the hot summer day. But as it poured it down with rain, I found shelter in the galleries alongside the river.

Filled with random exhibitions and artwork, I was just so excited to see the different artists. I even pretended to do a tour of the different galleries, interpreting the art and overall just having a good time.


After the rain stopped and I got back to the hotel. I got changed because when in Shanghai you have to change your clothes at least twice a day. I went out for dinner and this time met some expats and laughed the evening away learning more about the culture and the adventures of Shanghai.

There were two things that surprised me about Shanghai in the little time I had spent there:

  • The number of people that stared at me, made videos of me or took photos of me because there weren’t many other people that looked like me.
  • The communication struggle. I was staying in a hotel for internationals, however, even they didn’t speak much English and the best way to communicate was the translate app.


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