This was an exciting morning as I woke up with a skip in my step and was ready for my first photoshoot. I had booked myself in for a photoshoot experience and it was a wonderful experience with Allen.

We nearly died taking some of the shots but Allen told me stories about the area and his personal experiences of Shanghai which added to the experience. The photos that came out, as a result, were amazing too. You can check Allen out here.

Nabeeda walking

After 2 hours of walking around and learning about the French concession in 30 degrees heat. I was ready for some rest but there was one stop I needed to make before food and sleep; Jing’an Temple. This was a beautiful temple and it was great to see the rituals and the architecture especially for a predominantly atheist country like China.


After all that, I was definitely ready for some food and a little afternoon nap. I picked up some sushi and a dragonfruit salad, I was happy to be eating and ready for some sleep.  I normally hate sushi but I really enjoyed the sushi in Shanghai and I am open to trying it out again the UK post the great China experience.

Post a nap and an outfit change. I hit the streets for a free walking tour with Free tour Asia with Dinna. This was exciting as this is the only free tour offered in China and it was amazing. Dinna was informative and the history and stories of the French concession were so interesting. My favorite part was the random facts because I love telling people facts so learning them always makes me happy.

For e.g. there are 740 Starbucks stores in Shanghai alone. Just a little nugget of knowledge.

What makes these tours exciting is that you get to meet new people and learn about new places through different people and their perspective.

Some bubble tea and a selfie

Dinna told us so many stories about the area and the culture and finally dropped us off in an area which was just heavenly. Filled with different types of food, drinks and loads of different souvenirs.

Jazz hands group photo

As I enjoyed Taiwense fries, coconut drinks, ice creams and chocolates I was in a food coma and living my best lifeeeeeee in Shanghai.

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