The final day.

I was just so determined to make the most of the day as I still had a lot to see and make the most of the exciting city that Shanghai is. The day started with a private tour with Ethan – who you can check out on Airbnb.

The tour consisted of the Shanghai Museum, Yuyuan Garden and the final piece; the Bund. As we explored the different places, Ethan told me more about the history of the city and the country. The importance of dragons and the colour red. The history of their coins and finally the different dynasties that exist in China.

Following that, we went to the Gardens. A beautiful and calming place where you could really see the wonders of China. What I enjoyed about the tour with Ethan was his perspective, things he had learned from his travels and his curiosity to learn more about my understanding of China and its culture etc.

Yuyuan Gardens

The final part of the tour was the one I was waiting for: The Bund. The bund is the financial district in Shanghai and definitely a must-see place. A different experience in the day compared to the one in the evening. Walking through that area and just seeing those massive buildings and learning about the stories was great to see how it all came about. Each building taller than the other. But I knew the experience would be better in the evening.

The bund by day

After 4 hours of walking around, I was ready for some food. That is one thing Shanghai is perfect for. So many street food options and so many desserts and drinks I was just in my happy place. Ready for another afternoon nap.

After my nap and another outfit change, I made my way to the Bund once again. Like I said the day and night are different experiences. As I stepped out of the metro I was speechless with what my eyes saw, so many colours and lights and buildings so bright that your jaw just drops.

The bund by night

The place was just packed with tourists but you could still just find a moment of peace to take it all in. As I made my way to the oriental tower to get a bird’s eye view of the city, the fog disappointed me and I just enjoyed the view from the bottom.


As it was my last night I decided to walk through the streets and take it all in. The views, the people, the food and just the warm air that I had suddenly become used to. I knew I was going to miss it all.

I made my way to the airport I knew I would be coming back to Shanghai. There are still things I need to see and places I want to explore. But there is one thing the trip to Shanghai taught me. All this time I had been traveling in Europe and it was amazing. Up until now, I didn’t know this world existed but coming to Shanghai was a great experience. It made me realise there is so much of the world to see which is so different from the world we know.  Honestly, it has been a pleasure and a great experience and I can’t wait to see where my next adventure leads me.


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