3rd day started the way I would like every day to start. An amazing authentic Chinese body massage. It was such a beautiful experience with some delicious fruity tea to start and end the experience.

My post-massage body just wanted some food and sleep. But when in Shanghai that is not an option.

Post massage face

The day continued with another thing I love: shopping. I went to a market at the Science and Technology Museum and everything was like so cheap that my mind was blown. Coats, souvenirs, clothes, suitcases and anything you can ever imagine all under one roof for half the price.

The trick to it all was bargaining. The walk-away technique and pretty much just telling them the price you wanted. Walking around the place I was just surprised to see all the amazing things and how much you could buy. It was safe to say I spent a whole afternoon there just looking through what was there.

As I walked away I felt like I had a won a battle with all the bargains I had managed to get for the presents I bought for my family and friends.

Clothes Market

After the massage and shopping, there was only one thing left to do; a nice dinner. So I had a quick nap and got ready for a lovely dinner on a beautiful and breezy Monday evening.  I enjoyed the lovely noodles and rice and a curry style dish. Which was just absolutely delicious. However, the best part was the lychee drink I had – truly yum yum in my tum. IMG_3438(Edited).jpg

After a long day of exploring and shopping, I was tired and the day came to an end.

But my Shanghai story continues. So follow my blog or my Instagram on worldofnabeeda.


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