Results are out! – DfC

Results day was so hard, my 4 years had led up to this day. To make it all worse, I was on Drivers for change without my friends or family around. I was so scared because I didn’t know how I would react and how the people around me would deal with it all.

But when it came, I remember I was sitting on a coach next to Rana (one of my DfC friends), when my phone lit up to show that my results had been released.

Honestly, my heart just went crazy. I struggled to breathe a little and felt sick at the thought. I clutched my phone hard to stop my hands from shaking. I kept repeating ‘I can’t open it!’ ‘I can’t open it!’ and she said ‘Nabeeda, just open it!’ She just made me feel so calm, for that I will be forever grateful.

It was funny because I was soooo nervous but she kept making jokes to calm me down and just kept saying that it would all be okay.

Look at this face, how can you not feel calm with that around you haha 😀

As she watched me click on the link, I jumped up and screamed with joy. I might have even cried a little. I had managed to achieve the goal I had set myself for the 4 years.


Everyone in the coach turned to look at me. When they realised what had happened they all clapped and congratulated me. I didn’t feel alone anymore, I felt like even though I was away from friends or family I had the right people around me.

As we got off the coach and I told everyone else, more hugs and congratulations came my way and I felt so happy. One person even got me a present and I think my heart kind of melted.

Meet ‘Kulfi’ the little teddy that joined the family on results day.

But then came the most important part, letting my mum know. Without her, these 4 years would never have been possible. So as I rang her and heard her voice I just felt like crying. When I told her, she sounded so happy that my achievement felt bigger than it was.

In that moment, I felt so complete. I know results and achievements don’t define and we shouldn’t let them define us. But when you work hard and it pays off and you see your parents smile, thats a whole new kind of vibe.

Hope you all got the results you wanted too.

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