People always have a filter between how they are when they are alone to how they are when they are around people. For some people it’s in the way they behave, others the way they dress but for me, it’s my make up.

Every day before I face the world I put on makeup because it makes me feel good and makes me confident. But over the past few months, I’m more comfortable in my skin as I’m ready to leave the house without make-up. Sometimes a filter like makeup can make you so addicted that you’re scared to take it off. It’s not because we love the attention we get from people but it’s the way we look with makeup; a scar free skin, covered up acne, highlighted skin and a beautifully contoured face. But what we forget is that every scar has a story and every flaw makes us unique.
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It’s easier said than done because the first few times when I left the house without makeup I felt like everyone was staring at me and I felt so anxious about everything. But over the few days, I realised people don’t care. Everyone is so engrossed in their own problems and lives that people won’t even notice that you have makeup on or not. This doesn’t mean that makeup is bad but it just means that you need to make sure that you can go without makeup. That makeup doesn’t become a necessity.
The more comfortable you feel in your skin the better you’ll feel in your day.
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For some people, the filter is in the way they behave. People can act in a certain way or pretend to like things they don’t just to fit in or just so they don’t feel left out. But it shouldn’t matter. You haven’t watched that amazing film everyone keeps talking about; you can watch it now. You love that boy band that everyone hates; not everyone will like what you like. You don’t like the bestselling book that everyone is talking about; everyone has a different opinion. You shouldn’t have to pretend to like things or dislike things because the people around you don’t like them.
You were born to be yourself so be you in every way that makes you, you! Remember when you give your different opinion, you open up people’es mind to new ideas and things.
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Never be afraid to be you! Now, I challenge you to remove your filter for one day.


  1. Such a great post! People don’t care and that’s what everyone needs to learn! I used to always think people were starring at me if i didn’t wear makeup too but they just don’t care.

  2. Really brave, I think I would be too self conscious to go out without make up xx

  3. #nofilter. There’s nothing wrong by going makeup-free. Personally, I only wear a little blush and that’s it. I agree with your post completely.

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