Ramadan is slowly (actually quite quickly) coming to an end and I can’t believe it. It was like Ramadan started yesterday…

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This is my literal reaction to how fast Ramadan has gone.

Honestly, Ramadan is such a special month for Muslims and we go all out to make sure we are making the most of this month. But one of the things I hate during Ramadan is the amount of people that judge.

Story time:

This year, the first fast was on the first day of my two hardest exams. I knew I wanted to fast, I knew I could do it and I believed in myself and had faith in Allah to make it easier. I also know people who don’t fast during exam season and that is absolutely fine. But when I went on Twitter I saw some people debating whether it is fair to fast during exam season…

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I read through the comments and the arguments, because I was just interested in seeing what people had to say and it was really upsetting to see how judgemental and rude people were to a girl who said, she wasn’t going to be fasting during exam season.

IT IS HER CHOICE. She doesn’t want to fast then that’s her choice, you don’t need to get rude and teach her because that will only put her off. Sometimes, we forget we have no right to judge other people because we are humans too. I am sure we have done thing that are not right either.

We shouldn’t be judging and putting each other off the religion. If you think someone is doing something wrong then, rather than shouting and arguing, try and see their point of view first. If they want your opinion then tell them otherwise leave the conversation and move on!

Leave the judging to Allah and focus on your own deeds.

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So as we go through the last few days, it is our opportunity to pray as much as we can and ask for forgiveness from Allah and people that we might have hurt over the years. But, it is also a chance to pick up some good habits:

  • If you are apologising to people then make sure you never make that mistake again
  • Make sure you pray everyday, even after Ramadan is over
  • Keep being kind and non-judgemental

Have a blessed last few days of Ramadan and make the most of it <3


  1. Khadija Bakali Reply

    Allah give us all strength to do good deeds and forgives us for iur sins and kerp us on right path Aameen

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