Ramadan is an important month for Muslims, we love and cherish this month as it is chance to truly repent for our sins and return to Allah and the righteous path.

But when I speak to some people in Ramadan, they sound lost and confused because they are trying to do what others are doing. Trying to complete the Quran 4 times, trying to learn the Quran off by heart or spending all day at the mosque. People doing those things are not wrong and I pray Allah blesses the and rewards them for the effort.

But you know what is important in Ramadan?

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It is important that you follow your path. Look at what you struggle with and focus on that. Some people have got the 5 prayers and everything else sorted and want to be able to read more Quran, others want to focus on learning Ayahs. So find out your personal goals for the month and don’t look at others. You will be rewarded for your faith and your effort so really think about what you want achieve this month.

Make this month count and make sure you leave this month better than you started.

For my non-Muslim readers this post is for you too.

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Well it is simple. Be it Ramadan or May or any other month, it is important to follow your path and your journey. Set your own goals based on your life and achieve them. Don’t look at others because everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses they need to work on.

So from today onward… follow your path and achieve your personal goals.

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Have a blessed month!


  1. nidhsarora Reply

    Agreed with you! One should follow his/her path and achieve the goals. Ramadan Mubarak!

  2. Yes true i use to be that but then i stop coz it was not sincere. To really feel ramadhan is to be sincere that what u r doing is for allah. Nothing else. Dont think of any but him alone. Be sincere in your movement n prayers then you will free it

  3. Such great advice for everyone to follow. No need to put off until tomorrow, start your path today. Thank you for this thought.

  4. Totally love this because I love learning about other cultures so thank you. I totally agree with you and I would add that being true to yourself can be lonely because there will always be others who judge you, I have lived this myself:)

  5. What a lovely post! You certainly don’t have to muslim to take the advice given here. I appreciate Ramadan since I learnt a lot about it from my friends. I think people do things because they’re meant to do it and I suppose that’s okay. But it’s a special time, so why not treat it that way 🙂

  6. So called Christians should this post. Sadly 99.9% of people only use faith and following God as a status label when in fact they are dead spiritually.

  7. After reading this post, I grabbed my planner and list my goals for this month. I am hoping that it would be a success. Thank you so much, you inspired me to get focus again on my dreams.

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