Ramadan is such a beautiful month and I see such beautiful changes around me with people changing their lifestyle and devote themselves to Allah. I love everything about the month except for one thing: the judgment of some Muslims.

Even in this beautiful month, I see people judging other Muslims and calling them Ramadan Muslims.

What does this term mean?

It means a Muslim who changes their behavior in Ramadan but then goes back to sinning after Ramadan.

Why do I hate it?

It’s simple. Who are we to judge another person?

If someone wants to make some changes let them. If they can stick with it, that’s amazing and if they can’t that’s really not your problem.

You never know when someone’s turning point so don’t judge another person. Imagine someone doesn’t make changes because they know they’ll be judged by others for actually trying. There’s nothing worse than that.

Ramadan is a month of peace and focusing on your own prayers so don’t waste these precious days judging others but actually focusing on developing your own faith. If you see someone struggling then help them rather than judge them.

The rewards will be much greater.

Hope you all have a blessed Ramadan!


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