So I recently started working full time.
Daym that takes a toll on you. I didn’t realise how hard the working life is. I have worked before but now its like the rest of my life…
I love my job but it also means that I’m busy most of the time and when I am free, I just want to chill and sleep as much as I can. I feel like a lot of people can relate.
Nabeeda smiling
My can I stay in bed all day pose?
But the most important thing to remember in a situation like this is: what things are your priority?
You’ll get busy and work will take over but what or who is important to you?
This is important so you can focus on those people and on those things no matter how busy you get.
They say true friends and family will always understand when you get busy. The truth is they will understand. But soon they will start to give up. Soon they won’t want to ask you out for plans because you always flake. They might even stop messaging you because you never reply. No one will stay around forever if you are not able to focus on them and give them the time they deserve.
Nabeeda enjoying the view
So what am I trying to say?
Well it’s very simple. Life is always going to get busier and busier but it’s up to you to decide who and what you prioritise.
Also, make time for the things you love. If you love blogging then make sure you blog a bit every week. If you enjoy reading then make time for that too.
Because the moment you let all these things slip out of your life. You’ll start losing everything else too… Life is not just about working 40 hours a week but about making the most of every moment with the people you love the most, doing the things you enjoy.
Nabeeda Laughing
Send those messages, arrange those meets up and make those calls because soon people will give up.
It doesn’t take long to remind someone you love someone or that you care about them. One message, one call and they’ll know you still care.
Make time for the things you love.
No one wants to be waiting around for you and you don’t want to spend a lifetime working and losing everything and everyone you care about.


  • Khadija Bakali

    Very true, life is life if you manage it well and prioritise the things as it should be. Having every materialistic blessing is nothing if you lose connection with your loved ones, agreed by heart. Great blogging keep it up

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