People my age are billionaires.
People my age are married and have kids.
People my age are established in their careers.
People my age have their first houses and cars.
But you know what I need to remember…
They are people my age but they’re not me.
We live in a world where we constantly compare ourselves to others. We focus on what others have managed to achieve.
It’s great that they’ve managed to do this but that doesn’t make you worse off.
Just because you’re not a billionaire or established or don’t have a family yet doesn’t mean anything.
You have your timeline and they have theirs! The important thing is to keep moving forward and keep having fun.
Keep working hard for your own goals. Don’t try and get to what others have achieved because that won’t get you anywhere.


Do you! Be the best version of yourself and the rest will happen in its own time.


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