Power of personality

This trip to Pakistan was a learning journey in so many ways. One of the greatest lessons was that your personality and behaviour speaks louder than anything else. The media and society make us believe that we have to dress a certain way or look a certain way if we want people to think that we are of a certain status.

But the reality is your personality and words say a lot more about you than the clothes you wear, the things you carry and the brands you show off.


Me, my mum, my uncle and auntie were sitting at the airport. We had been travelling all day, we were tired and our clothes were a mess. With wrinkly clothes and not even a speck of make up, we sat there looking like the simplest people having our own conversations, laughing about the day we had.

Just then, someone asked my mum “are you a psychiatrist?” and she said no! The man was a well renowned psychiatrist in Pakistan and him and his family thought that they recognised my mum and uncle from somewhere. As the conversation flowed and they got talking, everyone at the departure gate started listening into the conversation. As they discussed the issues with mental health in Pakistan and about my mum’s breast cancer project.

It was just interesting to watch and hear the conversation.

For me, there was just one take away. Creating an impact and leaving an influence on people isn’t about how you are dressed or how much money you can give them. It is about the how you make people feel and how you use your words.


If you want to change the world and forever be remembered, spend more time looking after people and discussing ideas with them and see the difference you can make.


  1. Khadija Bakali Reply

    Very true it’s all about you as a person not your make over or your possessions

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